Thursday, March 3, 2011

"My psychological stress is specially big

When teacher Shi has already been stopped teaching
"Parent on January 14 to our reflection after the circumstance, we arrange to act for form master to adjust a student back to study a group on that night.Ask the class of all teacher Kes not to can not discriminate against him at the same time."Is small the government for making a high school meant while teaching a director to accept an interview yesterday.In the director is impression, the Yan Xiao is bright to is a very naughty student, then a quite good teacher of teacher Su Guo Lin.But stand alone a student for as long as three month times, director means this kind of way of doing it is really not satisfactory.
"My psychological stress is specially big, I really not is have intention to harm a kid.I was his form master in more than 4 months and talked with him and only had a written record of grow most 21 times of once 3 hours.I really worked hard.I have already been stopped a work by the school now.I am protecting to settle study, urgently recalled on January 14.I am on my own initiative a whole class the noodles son of the classmate, compensate a reason to apologize to the bright Xiao.The winter vacation invites a few term teacher Kes to undertake for he making up missed lesson, expenses all from my individual."Say, the Su country Louboutin Sale is wood also shed tears, she admitted this education method it is not satisfactory, but adopt what way still save a perplexity.
To this, the well Xing county Bureau of Education also carried on a survey.The bureau means that teacher Su Guo Lin educates a method inappropriate, follow-up education measure can not follow in time and lack Be effective to communicate with parent.It is small to make high school to manage to exist loophole to the teacher.The Bureau of Education has small request to make the high school takes this as to quit, Su country is Lin Yao writes a deep check, the school sees it to check a circumstance to make a serious processing.

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