Thursday, March 3, 2011

The parents ignore a solution and have words have no the place say

Cover process in, can imagine a Yan Xiao Christian Louboutin Sale bright at the beginning helpless.Be stood alone at school, the parents ignore a solution and have words have no the place say.Run away he escapes the quickest method of all these.
Be matter form master to not and intentionally hurt a kid fortunately.But from here reveal that educates the simple outrage of way, the student manages a way of short of, Be worth introspecting.The cold processing is one of the method of follow-up education, but too much is as bad as too little.When this kind of cold processing from momentary, prolong to a few months for a day, that this kind of handles and then probably "keep" in deep freeze the student is whole life.
■Text|this report reporter, Wang Li Yuan, Gao its Lun
■Provide diagram|student is parent
(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
Gold Qian is on-line Xun yesterday, traveller, Mr. Zhao, stired to beat this report hot-line and called that the service that oneself embarks was treated by staff member is outrage after late ordering, but the traveller of the same service again"together person different life":A part of persons can get an airline special discount and take free airplane to fly to walk early in the morning, leave of person can acquire 200 dollars repair and wait until just can take off at noon.
Introduce according to Mr. Zhao, he embarks of Guiyang arrive service in Xiamen originally should on the evening of February 159:30 take-offs, but get to departure time behind be told, because of the weather reason, the service wants to delay till the second day and hears this news, Mr. Zhao and some travellers find out a staff member together and inquire the words of service delay to how do they arrange, have homologous repair?A bad earth is surface to man shows at this time, compensate also don,t know to have now, as for the airplane delayed, the traveller loves to sit not to sit!

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