Thursday, March 3, 2011

Staff member

Later on, after consultation, Mr. Zhao waits person to know, everybody can get 200 dollars repair, and embark next morning 10:20 airplanes fly to Xiamen, the second day, when Mr. Zhao arrives an airport to prepare to take airplane and discovered airplane late ordering again.However 6 travellers of the same service don,t know the reason why, not only sit last early some services walk first one step, and hear that the service is what airline is free to provide, wait a traveller to this Mr. Zhao very dissatisfied:The traveller of the same service why arrange such sky of badly do not?
The reporter now covered business department Christian Louboutin Sale in airline Guiyang, Xiamen, staff member, Ms. Wang, told a reporter, Guiyang flies the service of Xiamen to belong to the homeward voyage flight that flies to come over from Xiamen on the evening of February 15, nevertheless because local weather reason in Guiyang delays, it cause airplane is canning not land and have to fully decline Chongqing, the second day morning just flies airport in Guiyang once again and makes more than 100s delayed of yesterday noon of traveller 12:22 just set out from Guiyang.
As for Mr. Zhao mentions of 6 travellers of the same service really was some to fly to walk in advance, but of so the meeting arranges like this, is because this 6 people all want to do different urgent matter, coincidentally another service of earlier take-off contains 6 empties, make them sit up, the airline is just the ticket that is free to change a label for them, while 6 people don,t also get 200 dollars compensation;To the ill-mannered man, Ms. Wang said, the airline staff member can,t thus and coarsely treat a traveller, may was everyone is emotion to is excited, produce a misunderstanding at that time.

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