Thursday, March 3, 2011

Staff member

Later on, after consultation, Mr. Zhao waits person to know, everybody can get 200 dollars repair, and embark next morning 10:20 airplanes fly to Xiamen, the second day, when Mr. Zhao arrives an airport to prepare to take airplane and discovered airplane late ordering again.However 6 travellers of the same service don,t know the reason why, not only sit last early some services walk first one step, and hear that the service is what airline is free to provide, wait a traveller to this Mr. Zhao very dissatisfied:The traveller of the same service why arrange such sky of badly do not?
The reporter now covered business department Christian Louboutin Sale in airline Guiyang, Xiamen, staff member, Ms. Wang, told a reporter, Guiyang flies the service of Xiamen to belong to the homeward voyage flight that flies to come over from Xiamen on the evening of February 15, nevertheless because local weather reason in Guiyang delays, it cause airplane is canning not land and have to fully decline Chongqing, the second day morning just flies airport in Guiyang once again and makes more than 100s delayed of yesterday noon of traveller 12:22 just set out from Guiyang.
As for Mr. Zhao mentions of 6 travellers of the same service really was some to fly to walk in advance, but of so the meeting arranges like this, is because this 6 people all want to do different urgent matter, coincidentally another service of earlier take-off contains 6 empties, make them sit up, the airline is just the ticket that is free to change a label for them, while 6 people don,t also get 200 dollars compensation;To the ill-mannered man, Ms. Wang said, the airline staff member can,t thus and coarsely treat a traveller, may was everyone is emotion to is excited, produce a misunderstanding at that time.

The parents ignore a solution and have words have no the place say

Cover process in, can imagine a Yan Xiao Christian Louboutin Sale bright at the beginning helpless.Be stood alone at school, the parents ignore a solution and have words have no the place say.Run away he escapes the quickest method of all these.
Be matter form master to not and intentionally hurt a kid fortunately.But from here reveal that educates the simple outrage of way, the student manages a way of short of, Be worth introspecting.The cold processing is one of the method of follow-up education, but too much is as bad as too little.When this kind of cold processing from momentary, prolong to a few months for a day, that this kind of handles and then probably "keep" in deep freeze the student is whole life.
■Text|this report reporter, Wang Li Yuan, Gao its Lun
■Provide diagram|student is parent
(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
Gold Qian is on-line Xun yesterday, traveller, Mr. Zhao, stired to beat this report hot-line and called that the service that oneself embarks was treated by staff member is outrage after late ordering, but the traveller of the same service again"together person different life":A part of persons can get an airline special discount and take free airplane to fly to walk early in the morning, leave of person can acquire 200 dollars repair and wait until just can take off at noon.
Introduce according to Mr. Zhao, he embarks of Guiyang arrive service in Xiamen originally should on the evening of February 159:30 take-offs, but get to departure time behind be told, because of the weather reason, the service wants to delay till the second day and hears this news, Mr. Zhao and some travellers find out a staff member together and inquire the words of service delay to how do they arrange, have homologous repair?A bad earth is surface to man shows at this time, compensate also don,t know to have now, as for the airplane delayed, the traveller loves to sit not to sit!

Is also making up missed lesson

■ Have a conversation a student
Be "insulate"ed result to slip behind to count down the first
■Reporter:Past whether a little bit is the son very naughty?
■The Xiao is bright:H,m.Have a class to love to talk, violate the rules.But I in fact pretty like to study of, we the class is quick class of, for the first time monthly test I of the result isn,t bad.
■Reporter:Be adjusted till the last one row, at that time how to think in the mind of?
■The Xiao is bright:Feel pretty standing alone, don,t want to go to school.Live in self-abandonment afterwards, have a class to go to bed, intentionally cause disturbance, truancy.The circumstance that went home to say at school with father, mother at that time, they didn,t believe me and also ignored to solve me and even still beat me several times.Afterwards I ran away two, an oneself to Chuang in the stone house is seeking has already worked of learn an elder brother Louboutin Sale to treat for a week.At that time wanted to seek a work, not wanted return to go to school.See the telephone of coming home the inside don,t want to answer as well, the end is a Mu Ye to keep making a phone call.I still malicious not next the heart come, oneself finally returned to.
■Reporter:This matter son to you will study and life from now on have influence?
■The Xiao is bright:Affirmation has influence, my study counts down the first in class now.However now lately- adjusted form master to my quite good of, is also making up missed lesson, can repair how much is how much.
■ Reporter is hand records
The cold processing can not change"keep Christian Louboutin Sale education in deep freeze"

"My psychological stress is specially big

When teacher Shi has already been stopped teaching
"Parent on January 14 to our reflection after the circumstance, we arrange to act for form master to adjust a student back to study a group on that night.Ask the class of all teacher Kes not to can not discriminate against him at the same time."Is small the government for making a high school meant while teaching a director to accept an interview yesterday.In the director is impression, the Yan Xiao is bright to is a very naughty student, then a quite good teacher of teacher Su Guo Lin.But stand alone a student for as long as three month times, director means this kind of way of doing it is really not satisfactory.
"My psychological stress is specially big, I really not is have intention to harm a kid.I was his form master in more than 4 months and talked with him and only had a written record of grow most 21 times of once 3 hours.I really worked hard.I have already been stopped a work by the school now.I am protecting to settle study, urgently recalled on January 14.I am on my own initiative a whole class the noodles son of the classmate, compensate a reason to apologize to the bright Xiao.The winter vacation invites a few term teacher Kes to undertake for he making up missed lesson, expenses all from my individual."Say, the Su country Louboutin Sale is wood also shed tears, she admitted this education method it is not satisfactory, but adopt what way still save a perplexity.
To this, the well Xing county Bureau of Education also carried on a survey.The bureau means that teacher Su Guo Lin educates a method inappropriate, follow-up education measure can not follow in time and lack Be effective to communicate with parent.It is small to make high school to manage to exist loophole to the teacher.The Bureau of Education has small request to make the high school takes this as to quit, Su country is Lin Yao writes a deep check, the school sees it to check a circumstance to make a serious processing.