Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Is useless

leave with us."All students inside the dining room see to Chu son breeze, affair indeed as expected not person anticipate, the police seeks Chu son breeze, the nature contuses the Huo station jade 4 people is affair in the morning for the sake of the Chu son breeze, can now, and then have several individuals to dare to take care of, Huo station jade they are four be not well ask for of, the common run of people also dares not provokes to ange."I seek a lawyer right away."Together the white takes out a cellular phone and just wanted to make a phone call, the Xiao calms down arrestment way:"Is useless, if is the person whom they make the police catch in the Huo house, there can,t be lawyer in the whole Yan Kyoto daring to take care of!""That now how do, if don,t look for person a help, old four this bottom the dead settled!""You don,t are hasty first, I seek my daddy right away and ask him to appear publicly heel Huo house they talk for a while, seeing can drop affair solution."The Xiao is quiet to immediately outside walk toward the dining room to, meanwhile, not Wu Xiao is love in the distance also took out a cellular phone, made a telephone call and said:"Elder brother, you where … …my a friend gave offense to a Huo station jade they are four, now drive police to take, you go to city bureau to chase person is extrication for me right away."Wu Xiao is love hangs up a telephone, green they 3 ask a way:"The Xiao loves, you can,t really want to help Chu son breeze that boy?""Certainly help, why don,t help, I early see easy limits of the earth them 4 Be getting wither a revolting feeling, since the Chu son breeze helped me tone, that I can not definitely let easy house they Chu son breeze to harm ……you slowly eat by yourselves, tonight need not waited me and estimated that I also return not!"Segment president is office.The segment president is measuring the affair of the son breeze of Chu with river is president company, this time, allow thin suddenly hurtled to come in, not etc. segment 2 presidents talk and allow a thin hasty way:"Two presidents, we Chu of the class the son breeze is taken by the police of affair do you know not to know?""Is thin ah, you don,t are hasty first and listen to us saying ……""Go without saying, must be you are afraid of getting into

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