Thursday, March 3, 2011

Is also making up missed lesson

■ Have a conversation a student
Be "insulate"ed result to slip behind to count down the first
■Reporter:Past whether a little bit is the son very naughty?
■The Xiao is bright:H,m.Have a class to love to talk, violate the rules.But I in fact pretty like to study of, we the class is quick class of, for the first time monthly test I of the result isn,t bad.
■Reporter:Be adjusted till the last one row, at that time how to think in the mind of?
■The Xiao is bright:Feel pretty standing alone, don,t want to go to school.Live in self-abandonment afterwards, have a class to go to bed, intentionally cause disturbance, truancy.The circumstance that went home to say at school with father, mother at that time, they didn,t believe me and also ignored to solve me and even still beat me several times.Afterwards I ran away two, an oneself to Chuang in the stone house is seeking has already worked of learn an elder brother Louboutin Sale to treat for a week.At that time wanted to seek a work, not wanted return to go to school.See the telephone of coming home the inside don,t want to answer as well, the end is a Mu Ye to keep making a phone call.I still malicious not next the heart come, oneself finally returned to.
■Reporter:This matter son to you will study and life from now on have influence?
■The Xiao is bright:Affirmation has influence, my study counts down the first in class now.However now lately- adjusted form master to my quite good of, is also making up missed lesson, can repair how much is how much.
■ Reporter is hand records
The cold processing can not change"keep Christian Louboutin Sale education in deep freeze"

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