Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hear now a few days ago someone helped Chu the son breeze to kill the person whom he or she helps an inside

individuals at ordinary times, the Huo copper nature can,t put in the mind.However, hear now a few days ago someone helped Chu the son breeze to kill the person whom he or she helps an inside, the Huo copper felt strange and said:" Is a to have no father motherless orphan, have who will help him?And, dare to also kill my person!""This I didn,t check, because of the then affair already drive troops to blockade news."Jiang Kun says:"Blockade news?Not to ah, our troops seemed to be never to once blockade any news recently!"The Huo copper says:"Being so many is beyond the power to care!You 3 said, is this matter handled by me, still do according to your methods?After all this several in the last yearses, I have already turned toward the proper way, under the circumstance that having no necessary, I don,t want to make affair too big."The Zhuo shows hair to say:"So, I give the city public security official is bureau chief first to call a telephone and make him give° the person first to grasp, then literally seek a criminal charges and give °ed that boy to shoot to death and then go.""That does according to mayor Zhuo is meaning."~~~~~~Supper of time, the Chu son breeze is together as quiet as Xiao, also have white 3 people to have a meal at the dining room of school, the Xiao calms down several people still advise Chu the moncler jackets son breeze had better hide first and wait situation to lead again come back, can Chu son breeze but is the appearance of one face doesn,t matter, basically have never contuse a Huo station in the morning jade he of the affair put in the mind.In this time, a few polices got into dining room and directly arrived at Chu the son breeze wait a person nearby, an old police asks a way:"You who is Chu is son breeze?""I BE, do you seek me to occupy?"Chu moncler online son breeze the station moncler sale start to ask a way, oneself can never once beat to hand over a way with police, a few polices suddenly come to seek their themselveses today, and the Chu son breeze associated to order naturally what."Harmed a personnel piece together, bothered you to return to help a survey with us."The old police finishes saying and then tooked out a handcuffs and wanted Chu of the Kao son breeze.The Xiao is quiet to say:"Just help survey, there is necessary last Kao son?""We are just routine business and

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