Monday, November 29, 2010

The silk knits just at the mulberry silkworm mature of expect to just have a little bit busyness

grain is uncertain faintly cloudy or sunny, good ……"Said a half purple dream but don,t say, the jade hand stretched shoulder the top and bottom is toward a life time Xiang of the week light En a short while, immediately after way:"Excuse me, , week this year of childe your age?""17, 18 also probably."This words listen to of public head of fog water-so intelligent person unexpectedly even can own ages not affirm,is an orphan?At that moment is not a lot of either to ask, purple dream way:"Week childe is veins and arteries and skeleton all and consumedly differ with ordinary people.See is 17, 8 physical endowments moncler sale on the clear noodles, actual but against convention, the purple dream isn,t very wildly either to break.Just have a liking for week the childe should be to lead to learn the best age of Wu Di, consequently ……"The words have no again keep on saying, public all listen to of understand, knowing the purple dream is afraid again say many make a life time Xiang in week sad."Ha ha!Learn not to become fighting skill ah, don,t relate to, anyway hereafter also prohibit to fully do a big Xia what of, ability and like that person so-so Anne Anne whom my person likes with me finishes leading this whole life, I am contented!"The week a life time Xiang smile way cans not tell the least bit disappointed appearance from his face, purple several sisters in the houses immediately rose to a new height again to the good will of a life time Xiang in week-take of rise, bottom put, this is the real he-man gentleman!"The week childe really uncommon person is also!"Purple Mei great way:"Know the childe is a person who does important event in the future.Thus, purple Han, you have then protected a childe since today ground safety, if the blessing Ze village leaves this very near of words, we several sisters then usually called on you in the past without the matter, good?!"The text chapter 19 moon younger sisterPurple Mei these are that there are words in the words, put and bring together their 2 people to their opportunity to create clearly.Certainly the week a life time Xiang in the mind joy bloomed, again see purple Han from blush a Bo neck, the head isn,t to lowly do can be getting lower again, however have no the objection meaning of one silk.Although the in the mind is happy,the time on the week a life time Xiang face still needs to make."What purple Mei elder sister says is a little to certainly beg it not get, if the just purple Han went to blessing Ze village you here isn,t ……""The week childe need not concern, purple house a year in mostly the time would be Xi force, the silk knits just at the mulberry silkworm mature of expect to just have a little bit busyness.At present you deliver kid, I purple house not only the hand moncler discount become ample, connect everyday inside still increased many

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